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Ardgwee House


There is an existing house on the site that consists of small cellular rooms and the main living accommodation on the ground floor. This arrangement does not meet the clients’ requirements for modern day living, nor does it make the most of the stunning views over Kinsale harbour.

The steep slope of the site affords access to the house on the ground as well as the first floor. Therefore, the design solution was to retain the main entrance on the ground floor, but create an open plan living/dining/kitchen area on the first floor to maximise the views over Kinsale, with a separate entrance on the first floor.

The Lower Ground and Ground Floors of the house is grounded by a stone “plinth” that rises from the garden. The First Floor is “wrapped” by enclosing the volumes mainly on the North, East and West facades, but open towards the South. The internal living spaces are extended externally by sheltered external areas. Living spaces on the First Floor are generous in ceiling height and this is enhanced by clear storey glazing.

The project was awarded Planning Consent in 2016 and completed in 2018.